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Long Term Lease

Long Term Lease

Increasingly businesses are turning to leasing of ICT equipment instead of outright purchase of the equipment .  This is so due to the many advantages of leasing.

Why Buy When You Can Lease

Cost Effective

An operating expense it does not require huge up-front capital outlay and easier to expense-off over a longer period of time

Best Fit

Ensures the best fit IT equipment that suits your requirements, reduces procurement hassles

Reduces Total Costs

Preventive maintenance and management of the devices will be will be undertaken by Rentalworks. Faulty units will be replaced immediately thus minimizing disruptions

Managed Productivity

Leasing eases decisions in deploying brand new devices without spending a fortune. This enables refresh of old laptops ensuing continued and improved productivity

Rentalworks Long Term Leasing plan provides an integrated leasing plan of up to 36 months providing you with the flexibility of lease tenure.  It offers the latest up to-date devices at reasonable rates including lifecycle management services right up to end of the lease. Reap the benefits of leasing today.

Refresh your ‘old’ devices with brand new ones for continued efficiency and productivity!