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An interview with Alan Puah

7 Ways On How Technology Lifecycle Management Sectors Can Achieve Circularity by 2030 In this interview, we ask… Mr. Alan Puah, founder and Group Managing Director of Rentalworks, and passionate
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Device-As-A-Service: The New Playbook Amidst Supply Chain Disruptions

PC shipments around the world were hit by their worst slump in the past nine years, research firm Gartner said on Monday. For the second quarter of 2022, global shipments
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An Interview With Worldwide Recruitment Solutions (WRS) Pte Ltd

WRS began in 2008 with just five founding members and a turnover of £250,000. With an initial focus on the energy market, WRS now employs more than 50 specialist consultants
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Carbon credits… offsetting carbon emissions

“Carbon credits are permits representing the removal of 1 ton of carbon from the atmosphere. Credits are allotted to nation or companies and can be traded to help balance total
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A Conversation with Alan Puah, Managing Director of Rentalworks Group

Path To Recovery, Adopting a New Normal Economies are on a recovery path. How can SMEs benefit from the services offered by Rentalworks? We’re indeed in the midst of an
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Propelling Adoption of Circular Economy Through Leasing Programs

COVID-19 Pandemic has altered the way companies operate, bringing forward sustainable imperatives – cost rationalisation and reduction in carbon footprint. Spotlight is now on companies to play a big part
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