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Here’s a solution for M’sian businesses to save on IT costs & go green simultaneously

The way we work has changed. More than ever, we’re dependent on our laptops, phones, PCs, and other devices, especially with the accelerated digital shift that’s happened over the past 2 years.

At Vulcan Post, Lark and have become crucial tools for us to virtually stay connected while WFH.

But just having a device doesn’t cut it, there are certain specs that it needs to have in order to properly run all the new-fangled communication platforms needed for efficient working.

Taking my own 6-year-old laptop as an example, not only is it super slow when attempting to call someone on Lark, but when using, there are times when the app blacks out completely because my laptop simply can’t cope.

I must admit that the slowness of my laptop can be infuriating when I’m trying to be efficient with my time and work, and many other company employees may share my frustrations.

From this, the solution seems clear—just get a better device. Yet, in trying to upgrade our devices, more issues may be unearthed, particularly for organisations that need to digitally equip their large workforces.

Scenario 1: As a business owner trying to scale your business, you need better devices for efficient operations, but you’re unsure of the most suitable models for your needs while sticking to a budget. 

Scenario 2: You’ve bought your IT team great laptops and devices and your operations are going smoother than ever, but the maintenance costs to keep those devices efficient are much higher than expected.

The question then is, are there already solutions for these new-age problems?

It’s not as difficult as you’d think

There is one, and it doesn’t involve hiring a tech consultant or a financial advisor per se. It’s a service with a simple proposition: laptop leasing, with end-to-end management.

Laptop leasing is an alternative to buying, whereby the term of the lease is for a fixed period with fixed periodic repayments and no hidden costs.

Leasing IT assets brings several benefits, including:

  • Optimising your company’s tech costs,
  • Diversifying your procurement options,
  • Taking inventory management off your shoulders,
  • Providing up-to-date firmware and cybersecurity, and more.

One such service provider offering laptop leasing services in Malaysia is Rentalworks, a provider of IT asset lifecycle management services.

To break it down, they curate the right devices for your team, procure them, and maintain them throughout their lifecycle.

This lowers the initial capital needed to upgrade your device line-up. Plus, with proper maintenance carried out by Rentalworks, you can save money and time by avoiding operational down-time.

The goal is to extend your devices’ lifespans, yet make switching to a newer line-up as easy as possible too.

At the end of the day, a laptop leasing service with end-to-end management of IT assets aims to empower you to benefit from top-of-the-line devices more affordably, anytime you want to.

But what happens when your devices reach the end of their lifecycles and you want to get rid of them? Will they just become e-waste? 

A cost-efficient and eco-conscious solution

Apart from extending the longevity of devices, Rentalworks can also help companies offload unwanted devices which can then be reused or scrapped sustainably.

IT assets with no more market value will be recycled by breaking down their components into categorised parts such as ferrous metals, precious metals, and plastics.

On the other hand, for a device to be reused, Rentalworks will carry out secure data sanitisation to ensure that an organisation’s sensitive and confidential data is properly destroyed.

All these efforts to handle an IT asset’s end of life are part of the company’s mission to enable early adoption of the circular economy.

The concept of the circular economy is not one that can be fully understood in brief. But put simply, it intends to retain as much value as possible from products, parts, and materials, from the start to the end of their lifecycles, and then to reintroduce them back into the market.

This maximises their potential while reducing (and perhaps one day, eliminating) the waste generated when they’re no longer used. 

Ultimately though, if a company wants to be rid of these many processes, leasing is one of the easiest solutions to adopt.

Curated models for office workers’ productivity

In Rentalworks’ catalogue, one of the laptop models it is having an exclusive lease offer for is the HP ProBook 440 G8, noted by reviewers to be a robust office laptop.

Kept in a compact, light, and slim chassis is a long-lasting battery, high-speed SSD, and powerful processor that ensure your laptop can keep going efficiently through data-heavy work and long hours.

Cybersecurity-wise, HP also assures that the HP ProBook 440 comes with multi-layered, commercial-grade security features to keep your business’ data under tight wraps.

This is just one model of the IT asset line-up that Rentalworks can offer, and with the benefits outlined above, it is possible to marry cost-efficient IT asset management and eco-friendly practices.


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