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Asset End-Of-Life Management

Rentalworks assures responsible and secure asset recovery during asset end-of-life.

Our approach on asset recovery is to achieve zero – land fill and secure removal of any sensitive business information from the IT assets. We emphasise on the responsible way of disposing assets and ensure that only stringent methods are used to ensure compliance with local environmental standards observed while ensuring the return of value on the assets to our clients.

Our clients have the options to either reuse, resell or recycle their IT assets:

Long-Term Operating Lease

Increasingly, businesses are turning to long-term IT equipment leasing (2 to 4 years) for their technology refresh. Leasing brand new IT equipment for businesses are common nowadays due to following benefits:

We are able to provide tech leasing solutions of all sizes from equipment such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, servers, wearables customised to enterprise, retail and even mobile network operator’s requirements.

For IT assets that no longer have any market value, these IT assets will be recycled to ensure that its components are broken down into parts separated by ferrous metals, precious metals and plastics. All our recycling activities are in accordance to local environmental laws.

IT assets pose a significant risk to organizations because of the large volumes of confidential information stored on them. Data must be completely destroyed before IT assets are disposed of recycled, reused or donated.

Legislation, regulations and industry standards continue to grow more stringent worldwide regarding privacy of data on computers, tablets, smartphone and other devices. The stakes are high, as non-compliance can mean exorbitant fines, civil liability, irreparable damage to brand image or even imprisonment.

One of the key solutions to eliminate the risk of data falling into the wrong hands is to erase hard drives prior to disposal. Rentalworks has the capability to proof of this data removal to avoid the risk of penalties.

End of Lease Return: For IT assets that requires to be return to a lessor, Rentalworks will manage the logistics and managed the processing of the IT asset return via 2 options: