Students learn to give used computers new lease of life in programme offered at ITE

SINGAPORE – Used computers will get a new lease of life after being refurbished by students at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) who would be equipped with the skills for this purpose in a training partnership with industry collaborators.

The 40-hour certificate programme, which will be conducted in a new lab at ITE College East in collaboration with electronics manufacturer Lenovo and chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), was announced on Tuesday at the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (Switch) tech conference at Marina Bay Sands.

Staff and students from the Higher Nitec in electronics engineering course across all three ITE colleges will be trained to repair and refurbish old devices at the lab as part of the course.

So far, 60 ITE staff members and students in total have been trained under the refurbishment programme, said an ITE spokesman. The course will be extended to all students as a separate elective by April 2024.

The course also aims to train 720 ITE students and more than 1,000 members of the public under a separate SkillsFuture programme over three years, to help them find jobs in the sustainability field. It will also bolster the electronics manufacturer’s refurbishment capabilities.

Students will be trained to assess the condition of used gadgets, erase data, and decide which devices are fit for refurbishment and which should be scrapped for parts for use elsewhere, Lenovo country general manager Nigel Lee told The Straits Times.


With the help of digital simulators, students will learn how to judge which parts should be removed and what components can be added to a used device to help it run smoothly, he added.


The programme with ITE aims to train a workforce that is adept at refurbishing, which Mr Lee believes will be crucial to sustainability efforts in the manufacturing sector.

Refurbishment helps to extend the lifespan of devices, resulting in less electronic waste.

ITE chief executive Low Khah Gek said: “This partnership between ITE, Lenovo and AMD is forward-thinking, with clarity of purpose on sustainability, decarbonisation and technological innovation.”


Students in the programme will also be trained to maintain devices and troubleshoot common issues and will be recognised as Lenovo-certified technicians.

Devices for refurbishment typically come from customer trade-ins or corporate clients who use Lenovo devices on a subscription basis, said Mr Lee. “These customers normally use the laptops for up to five years,” he added, “but if you refurbish it, the devices can last three more years or longer, depending on the software.”

Lenovo did not state how many devices it planned to refurbish under the partnership, but said the effort will contribute to its goal to increase the adoption of used devices and to refurbish a third of all its devices collected by the end of 2024.

More than 50 businesses here have signed up for the brand’s Asset Recovery Services, which include refurbishment and disposal.

The refurbished devices can in turn be used to support charities and events, or sold at a lower price to customers who do not necessarily need the latest top-end devices, said Mr Lee. Lenovo will work with upcycling service providers Rentalworks and TES to lease refurbished devices to customers at lower rates.

Lenovo is one of many tech manufacturers, including Apple and HP, that offer refurbishment programmes to extend the lifespan of their devices and reduce their carbon footprint.

Beyond sustainability efforts, there has also been a push here to supply low-income families with refurbished devices.

Non-profit groups such as Engineering Good have handed out more than 3,800 refurbished computers to needy students for home-based learning since 2020.

More than 350 exhibitors from around the world have set up booths at the Switch trade show, which is taking place from Tuesday to Thursday and is expected to draw at least 15,000 industry players and other visitors.

Rentalworks And Lenovo Hadirkan Manajemen Aset IT End-To-End Yang Ramah Lingkungan Untuk KALLA

MAKASSAR – Bekerjasama dengan Lenovo, Rentalworks Indonesia hadirkan program Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) yang inovatif untuk PT. Hadji Kalla (KALLA). Melalui program ini, KALLA menunjukan komitmennya untuk mendorong ekonomi sirkular serta praktik IT yang berkelanjutan dan ramah lingkungan di Indonesia, selain dari menerima keuntungan operasional dan finansial dari DaaS.

Dengan Device-as-a-Service, Rentalworks dan Lenovo akan bertanggung jawab dalam pengadaan, pengelolaan dan pembaruan perangkat IT untuk KALLA. Untuk mendorong ekonomi sirkular, perangkat-perangkat tersebut akan diperbarui oleh Rentalworks di akhir masa sewa untuk digunakan kembali, atau didaur ulang sesuai dengan kebijakan yang berlaku untuk mengurangi limbah elektronik.

Di era digital yang berkembang pesat ini, KALLA berkomitmen untuk menjaga keberlangsungan bisnis maupun lingkungan disekitarnya. Menyadari tingginya jumlah limbah elektronik di Indonesia, KALLA melihat kerjasama ini sebagai langkah strategis untuk mengurangi jumlah limbah elektronik dan mencegah dampak negatif lebih lanjut terhadap lingkungan. “KALLA sangat antusias dalam menyambut transformasi digital, disisi lain perusahaan juga senantiasa aware terhadap keberlangsungan lingkungan hidup kedepannya, sehingga setiap aktifitas kerja hingga program yang dilakukan kami berupaya sebisa mungkin untuk menghadirkan inovasi alternatif yang dapat mengurangi zat buangan yang berbagai jenis, salah satunya limbah elektronik” ungkap Disa Rizky Novianty selaku People Performance Director KALLA.

Melalui program DaaS ini, KALLA tidak perlu membeli perangkat IT namun dapat menyewanya dari Rentalworks dan Lenovo, disertai dengan berbagai layanan pendukung. Semua hal ini tidak hanya memastikan kelancaran & efisiensi secara operasional, namun juga mendukung komitmen KALLA untuk mengurangi limbah elektronik dan mendorong keberlanjutan lingkungan.

Terkait kerjasama ini, Primawan Badri selaku Country Director dari Rentalworks Indonesia mengatakan “Kami sangat senang dapat bekerja sama dengan Lenovo dalam menghadirkan konsep Device-as-a-Service yang inovatif untuk KALLA. Selain dari manfaat secara operasional dan finansial, Device-as-a-Service juga memberikan manfaat yang signifikan terhadap lingkungan dengan mendukung ekonomi sirkular dan pengurangan limbah elektronik. Dengan keahlian kami dalam solusi sewa jangka panjang dan teknologi terdepan dari Lenovo, kami berharap dapat memberikan kontribusi positif yang signifikan bagi KALLA dan masyarakat luas.”

Budi Janto, selaku General Manager Lenovo Indonesia juga mengungkapkan rasa bangganya karena dapat mendukung KALLA dalam transformasi digital untuk mendukung ekonomi sirkular dan mengurangi limbah elektronik.

“Di Lenovo, kami memiliki dedikasi dalam memberikan solusi berkelanjutan untuk membantu pelanggan kami dalam mencapai tujuan pengelolaan lingkungannya dengan lebih cepat. Mulai dari teknologi berkelanjutan hingga efisiensi energi dan aksi pengendalian iklim yang lebih cerdas, kami berupaya memberikan dampak positif bagi planet ini.” 

Kerjasama ini merupakan bagian dari komitmen Rentalworks dan Lenovo Indonesia untuk mendukung keberlanjutan bisnis dan lingkungan. Rentalworks dan Lenovo Indonesia berharap bahwa praktik Device-as-a-Service yang didopsi oleh KALLA akan menginspirasi berbagai pihak lainnya untuk mengadopsi praktik yang serupa dan berkontribusi secara kolektif dalam pengurangan limbah elektronik secara global.

Rentalworks Indonesia – Our Latest Footprint

Rentalworks Group is pleased to announce our latest footprint in the Southeast Asian region. Our foray into the Indonesian market is a testament of our commitment in supporting the growth of business entities (mid-large corporations and SMEs) in this region.

Rentalworks’ integrated IT asset lifecycle management solutions consisting of specially curated device leasing programs enables businesses reduce costs of sourcing, procuring, and managing these devices – so that they can focus on growing their businesses. “We work out the best available tech devices that fit each business requirements at the cost that fits their budget. Our unique lease- to-use approach ensures the process of deployment, maintenance and refresh are all managed throughout by Rentalworks; at the same time ensuring all endpoints are monitored and protected from anywhere, at any time. Esentially think Device as a Service” said Alan Puah, Managing Director of Rentalworks Group.

Apart from boosting the cash flow of a business, leasing is a good platform and “well-positioned” to be a front runner to support the growth of a circular economy. Rentalworks Technology Lifecycle Management supports this in that it promotes a business model that allows its customers to have access to IT devices they need to run their business, and with Rentalworks retaining ownership of the assets throughout its lifecycle. Rentalworks takes responsibility for extending its useable life, recovering it for reuse. In doing so, maximizing its economic utility while minimizing environmental impact without creating unnecessary e-waste due to improper disposal. In addition, for devices that have attained its end of life, Rentalworks will recycle the devices responsibly in accordance with local environmental laws.
“The presence of Rentalworks Indonesia augurs well with its existing clients in Malaysia and Singapore, likewise Indonesian companies which have regional presence. Businesses can leverage on synergistic benefits derived from regional subscription of our unique leasing solutions.” added Alan. “Within the SME space, currently there are over 62 million SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in the country, which is one SME for every five Indonesians. This is a significant scale that can transform and catapult digitisation initiatives by enabling SMEs with the right IT devices; in efforts to rationalise costs and reduce their carbon footprints”.
Located at AIA Central, Level 31, Jl Jend. Sudirman Kav 48A, Jakarta Selatan 12930, Rentalworks Indonesia will be helmed by its General Manager, Primawan Badri. Primawan brings with him more than 20 years of leadership role within the tech space. His leadership and stellar achievements in Dell Technologies and Hewlett- Packard as Country Lead/Director and Country Business Lead respectively, added with his vast knowledge of the Indonesian market, augurs well for Rentalworks in its pursuit of penetrating and supporting Indonesian businesses with its sustainable lifecycle technology lifecycle management.

Save Some Ringgits & The Environment By Renting A Laptop Instead

Apart from the more commonly known ways of saving, such as automating your savings into another account, avoiding impulse purchases, and tracking your expenses, the truth is there are unconventional ways to save as well. 


Growing your vegetables on your balcony, cooking instead of ordering food deliveries, or even renting a laptop instead of forking out a huge chunk of your savings to buy one. 

For most of us, getting a laptop can be a very personal yet expensive process. We scout for the right device online and offline, compare specs, dwell on which one to buy for a few days, and then buy it a week later. Not forgetting the habitual “no” to the additional RM200 for a year’s technical support and service whilst promising yourself that you’ll never let anything happen to your brand new laptop. 

Rent The Right Device With Rentalworks 

As nice as it may seem to have a personal laptop that you can call your own, you could potentially save hundreds, or even thousands in the long run, by renting an equally capable pre-loved laptop from Rentalworks. 

With well-known brands such as HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Acer, Rentalworks provides an array of laptops that can serve both students and working professionals alike, starting at only RM89 a month. 

Who Exactly Is Rentalworks? 

Founded in 2007, Rentalworks is an IT Asset Lifecycle Management Service Provider. Taking a circular economy approach, they specialise in assisting businesses to finance, lease, maintain, and refresh IT devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other tech accessories through an environmentally sustainable model. At the end of every lease tenure, all IT devices are then processed and refurbished responsibly to a pre-loved status, where its lifecycle is extended and managed. After these IT devices have reached the end of their lifecycle, they will then be sent for recycling. 

Established in Malaysia with footprints in Singapore and Hong Kong, Rentalworks offers a variety of business solutions that include Short-Term and Long-Term Device Leasing, Device as a Service (DaaS), Asset Refresh, and Secure Data Sanitisation Service. 

With their expertise and experience, and a team of professionals from finance, IT, cybersecurity, and logistics backgrounds, they’re now offering their pre-loved laptop rental services directly to consumers. 

Packaged With Dedicated Technical Support

Sometimes, the unexpected does happen. The undeniable blue screen of death pops up, your battery doesn’t last for more than an hour, or the lag is just driving you crazy. In a normal situation, you’d be desperately googling how to fix your laptop or making the dreaded trip to the repair shop.

With Rentalworks, all devices are bundled with Rentalworks Premium Support which includes dedicated technical support and service, so you won’t have to go through all the trouble by yourself. May it be a hardware or software issue, with Rentalworks Premium Support, your rented device is covered. 

Flexible Tenures For Your Budget

If you’re a student with two or more years ahead of you, or at the starting point of your career, you may be prioritising staying thrifty for the first few years or months until you’re earning a substantial amount to purchase a personal laptop. 

Until then, renting a laptop with Rentalworks does allow you to improve your cash flow and focus on saving while staying on top of your work with a reliable laptop. With flexible tenures of 12, 18, and 24 months, you can get a laptop depending on your needs and your budget.

From a cost perspective, imagine that you’d only be spending RM89 a month for a high-quality Intel i5 5th Generation preloved laptop for either study or work, compared to purchasing a laptop that could deteriorate and lose its value quickly, this would make a viable option for those interested in a subscription model. Moreover, you can always have the option to switch to a different laptop model depending on your needs and budget. 

Top Channel DaaS Partner 2021

Rentalworks Sdn Bhd awarded “Top Channel DaaS Partner 2021”

Rentalworks Group is proud to be awarded with the Lenovo Accelerate’21 Top Channel DaaS Partner for the achievements of its Malaysian franchise. The Award is one of the industry’s leading and highly anticipated awards, recognising the achievements of Lenovo’s partners.

“The award is a testament of our resilience, strength and innovation in meeting the needs of Small Medium Businesses particularly in this challenging period”, says Alan Puah, Managing Director of Rentalworks Group. “Our innovative end-to-end IT asset lifecycle management ‘Device- as-a-Service’ ( DaaS ) packaged along with our lease-to-use solutions have enabled many businesses to manage their operating costs and maintain productivity with the latest IT devices”

“In addition, Rentalworks has empowered businesses in embracing a circular economy through the adoption of a DaaS business model” added Alan.

Here’s a solution for M’sian businesses to save on IT costs & go green simultaneously

The way we work has changed. More than ever, we’re dependent on our laptops, phones, PCs, and other devices, especially with the accelerated digital shift that’s happened over the past 2 years.

At Vulcan Post, Lark and have become crucial tools for us to virtually stay connected while WFH.

But just having a device doesn’t cut it, there are certain specs that it needs to have in order to properly run all the new-fangled communication platforms needed for efficient working.

Taking my own 6-year-old laptop as an example, not only is it super slow when attempting to call someone on Lark, but when using, there are times when the app blacks out completely because my laptop simply can’t cope.

I must admit that the slowness of my laptop can be infuriating when I’m trying to be efficient with my time and work, and many other company employees may share my frustrations.

From this, the solution seems clear—just get a better device. Yet, in trying to upgrade our devices, more issues may be unearthed, particularly for organisations that need to digitally equip their large workforces.

Scenario 1: As a business owner trying to scale your business, you need better devices for efficient operations, but you’re unsure of the most suitable models for your needs while sticking to a budget. 

Scenario 2: You’ve bought your IT team great laptops and devices and your operations are going smoother than ever, but the maintenance costs to keep those devices efficient are much higher than expected.

The question then is, are there already solutions for these new-age problems?

It’s not as difficult as you’d think

There is one, and it doesn’t involve hiring a tech consultant or a financial advisor per se. It’s a service with a simple proposition: laptop leasing, with end-to-end management.

Laptop leasing is an alternative to buying, whereby the term of the lease is for a fixed period with fixed periodic repayments and no hidden costs.

Leasing IT assets brings several benefits, including:

  • Optimising your company’s tech costs,
  • Diversifying your procurement options,
  • Taking inventory management off your shoulders,
  • Providing up-to-date firmware and cybersecurity, and more.

One such service provider offering laptop leasing services in Malaysia is Rentalworks, a provider of IT asset lifecycle management services.

To break it down, they curate the right devices for your team, procure them, and maintain them throughout their lifecycle.

This lowers the initial capital needed to upgrade your device line-up. Plus, with proper maintenance carried out by Rentalworks, you can save money and time by avoiding operational down-time.

The goal is to extend your devices’ lifespans, yet make switching to a newer line-up as easy as possible too.

At the end of the day, a laptop leasing service with end-to-end management of IT assets aims to empower you to benefit from top-of-the-line devices more affordably, anytime you want to.

But what happens when your devices reach the end of their lifecycles and you want to get rid of them? Will they just become e-waste? 

A cost-efficient and eco-conscious solution

Apart from extending the longevity of devices, Rentalworks can also help companies offload unwanted devices which can then be reused or scrapped sustainably.

IT assets with no more market value will be recycled by breaking down their components into categorised parts such as ferrous metals, precious metals, and plastics.

On the other hand, for a device to be reused, Rentalworks will carry out secure data sanitisation to ensure that an organisation’s sensitive and confidential data is properly destroyed.

All these efforts to handle an IT asset’s end of life are part of the company’s mission to enable early adoption of the circular economy.

The concept of the circular economy is not one that can be fully understood in brief. But put simply, it intends to retain as much value as possible from products, parts, and materials, from the start to the end of their lifecycles, and then to reintroduce them back into the market.

This maximises their potential while reducing (and perhaps one day, eliminating) the waste generated when they’re no longer used. 

Ultimately though, if a company wants to be rid of these many processes, leasing is one of the easiest solutions to adopt.

Curated models for office workers’ productivity

In Rentalworks’ catalogue, one of the laptop models it is having an exclusive lease offer for is the HP ProBook 440 G8, noted by reviewers to be a robust office laptop.

Kept in a compact, light, and slim chassis is a long-lasting battery, high-speed SSD, and powerful processor that ensure your laptop can keep going efficiently through data-heavy work and long hours.

Cybersecurity-wise, HP also assures that the HP ProBook 440 comes with multi-layered, commercial-grade security features to keep your business’ data under tight wraps.

This is just one model of the IT asset line-up that Rentalworks can offer, and with the benefits outlined above, it is possible to marry cost-efficient IT asset management and eco-friendly practices.