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Rentalworks DaaS provides the most up-to-date Lenovo device, solutions, software, and Tech Support services, all on a subscription-based model to suit your business needs. ​

Rentalworks ThinkZero​

Bid farewell to interest charges! With 0% interest, you will pay only for the device value on a monthly basis, in compared to traditional financing. Rentalworks’ economical leasing solutions for businesses looking to optimize their tech infrastructure without straining budgets.​

Interest Rate

Up-Front Cost

36 Months


Rentalworks DaaS

At Rentalworks, we support end-to-end management and services. Enjoy added services like tech support, warranty coverage, and even exciting upgrade options, all included in your leasing package.​

Temporary Device

Tech Support
Hub Essential

Case Manager

Centralized Device

Cloud-based /
On-Premise Secure
Data Erasure

Extended Battery

Rentalworks DaaS

At Rentalworks, we support end-to-end management and services. Enjoy added services like tech support, warranty coverage, and even exciting upgrade options, all included in your leasing package.​

Temporary Device

Tech Support
Hub Essential

Case Manager

Centralized Device

Cloud-based /
On-Premise Secure
Data Erasure

Extended Battery

Get the latest Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Gen 5​

Designed for dynamic work styles and modern business requirements and powered by the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, up to Windows® 11 Pro for top-of-the-line computing.

Xtend with Rentalworks Daas and Dell



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Dell Technologies Forum

Date: 14 September 2023 (Thursday)

Location: Hilton, Kuala Lumpur

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Microsoft 365
Business Premiums
worth RM 120

Rentalworks' Premiums
worth up to RM 100



RM 109*


Dell Optiplex 7010 Micro
i5, 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD

Dell 19 Monitor: E2020H

*Price is based on 3 years lease duration

Best-in-class Devices

Performance and style meet privacy and sustainability across Dell Technologies devices. Combined with our industry-leading hardware, Rentalworks DaaS solution gives you the best of both worlds. Whether you are searching for a laptop, desktop or servers for your business, we have options that will add variety in your deployment decisions.

We provide all models from the Dell Latitude Series. Work anywhere on the world’s most intelligent commercial PCs with built in AI. Dell Latitude features intelligent collaboration and connectivity, performance for productivity and sustainable design.

Rentalworks DaaS
is the solution of choice for the most up-to-date equipment and latest software

Lower Upfront Cost

Lease with Rentalworks on a subscription basis, which reduces the upfront costs of purchasing hardware

Rentalworks DaaS is a subscription-based service and companies can predict their expenses for device management over time.

Peace Of Mind

At Rentalworks, we support end to end management and services. Rentalworks
DaaS helps both your IT team and the individuals using it. DaaS provides up-to-date hardware and software, instilling a sense of trust in the security and protection
of their data. By offering comprehensive technical assistance to employees
regardless of location, you can maintain a productive, secure, and efficient

Rentalworks ensures that you always have access to a functional device, even if your primary device is being repaired or replaced.

Sustainable Technology Lifecycle Management

Rentalworks is committed to assist companies in reducing carbon footprints throughout the lifespan of the IT devices. Rentalworks will provide cost effective solutions, encouraging adoption of leasing of IT devices and in the process supporting businesses in achieving their sustainability goals.

Processes are sustainably curated and end-of-life devices disposed of responsibly within the context of Circular Economy.

Endpoint Protection

Rentalworks Endpoint Protection services incorporates ESET and WithSecure for the peace of mind against inherent cyberthreats. 

A well-designed and effectively executed cyber security strategy that addresses relevant threats to your organization enables it to remain resilient and manage cyber risk while evolving. Whether that evolution involves adopting innovative new technology, entering new markets, or establishing new partnerships with other organizations, we can help you build the strategy you need.

Seamless performance & Growth :

Scale your digital infrastructure

Dell PowerEdge Server for Your Business

Dell PowerEdge Servers

Accelerate AI
driven innovations

Access evolving compute demands with a highly scalable platform engineered to optimize the latest technology advances across processors, memory, networking, storage and accelerators


Respond rapidly to business oppurtunities with intelligent systems that work together and independently, providing real-time insights based on a comprehensive, customizable view of system performance

Accelerate Zero
trust adoption

Embed trust into your digital transformation with servers designed with security-first approach for secure interactions and the capability to predict potential threats, reinforcing your security

Dell PowerEdge Servers offer scalable, high-performance solutions with flexible configurations, comprehensive management tools, reliability, security features, and energy efficiency, making them suitable for demanding enterprise movements.

Tech Support Hub

Stay In Peak Productivity With Our Expert IT Services
Unlock the full potential of your IT devices, whether you're a business professional looking to enhance productivity or a tech enthusiast seeking seamless performance.
Rest Assured With Our Advanced Tech Support
With our Advanced tech support services, you can have peace of mind that your next level IT needs will be met with our timely and reliable solutions.
Have Ultimate Confidence With Our Elite Tech Support
Minimise your downtimes and maximise your productivity with our top-tier services, offering the ultimate in IT support.
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On Time,
Every Time

Keep your operations - and your productivity - running smoothly with our on-the-dot turnaround times.


All our tech support experts have depth and breadth of experience, and are up-to-date with the latest solutions to help you keep your devices in top condition.

No Upfront

Our monthly subscription-based service means you only need to pay for the services you need, whenever you need them.

Dedicated Case Manager

You only need to refer to one person, who will walk you through the entire process until your case is resolved.

About Rentalworks
Tech Support Hub

If you need to optimize, repair, or maintain your devices, our skilled technicians are just a tap away. All our experts are professionally trained and certified. While they have years of experience, they are constantly upgrading their skills to stay ahead of the game.

Whether you lease a device from us, or you are a service subscriber, we’ll help you ensure your devices are operating at peak performance, enabling you to focus on what matters most – your business or personal pursuits.




(Getting The Basics Right)


(For Great Value)


(Ensure Peak Performance)

Device Troubleshooting

Level 1 Software (OEM) Support

Escalated Technical Support

Dedicated Case Manager

End-To-End Case Management

Next Business Day Onsite Services ³

Asset Management Reporting

Temporary Device Replacement

Operating System & Drivers

Support for Common Applications

Printer & Scanner Configuration

User Profile & Permission Management

Network And Endpoint Security

Onsite Preventive Maintenance

Bi-annual ²


Basic Deployment (Manual Setup)

Out-of-box &
startup setup

Out-of-box &
startup setup

Advanced Deployment

Endpoint Data Migration


(Monthly price per device)


RM 10
RM 40 1


1   Minimum 30 devices required to qualify for Elite Package
2   Minimum 30 devices coverage to qualify for Bi-annual onsite preventive maintenance
3   Full onsite service available for Elite subscriptions and Rentalworks pre-loved devices. For Essential and Advanced subscribers, Rentalworks supports by coordinating with external on-site service professionals.


Fast Service and follow up!
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Ticket ID ISD-3246
Log Date 20 July 2023
Thank you for the support. Looking forward to continuing the collaborative service with Rentalworks.
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Ticket ID ISD-3096
Log Date 7 June 2023
Thank you for quick service and good response for our support ticket.
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Ticket ID ISD-3060
Log Date 1 June 2023
Thank you very much for your kind assistance on our issues faced with Outlook.
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Ticket ID ISD-2320
Log Date 27 July 2023
Rentalworks technical support team is very knowledgeable and was able to resolve our problem very quickly.
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Ticket ID ISD-2116
Log Date 30 December 2022
The IT support technician provided timely support and helped us solve our problems.
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Ticket ID ISD-2331
Log Date 17 May 2023

Tech Support Concierge for Advanced & Elite Subscribers

We Have What You Need

If you need additional applications on top of your subscription plan to take your IT system to the next level of performance, we are authorized resellers and licensed partners of the world’s leading software solutions. We make life easy for you by handling it all on our end, so you can just collect your devices and be productive right away.

Want to elevate your IT experience?

Contact us today and let us show you how our personalized support can unlock the potential of your devices to keep you productive.

Device Buy-back/Trade-in

Trade-in/Buy-back of Laptops
for Cash

Trade-in/Buy-back For Cash, Boost Productivity
And Support A Sustainable Green Economy

Replacing old less efficient laptops with new is made easy with Rentalworks Trade-in/Buy-back plans. Get cash rebate and lease at affordable rates with Rentalworks lease plans while supporting a greener sustainable environment.

Reduce Total Costs Of Ownership

Trade-in for cash rebate

Lease at affordable rates with Rentalworks leasing plans

Lease latest brand new devices

Old devices re-circulated as ‘pre-loved’ or disposed sustainably

Seamless Logistics and Asset Management Services

FREE asset pick-up*

Remote secure data erasure

Processing of assets includes asset de-tagging and inventory report

Find out more about Trade-in/Buy-back of Laptops for Cash with


Preloved DaaS

Get a Head-Start with Affordable ‘Preloved’ Laptops & Flexible Leasing Plans

Scale up and scale down under one simplified lease

Agile and Scalable
Lease pre-loved notebooks with Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS from as short as 12 months or as long as 18 months with flexible subscription. Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS enables your business to scale up or scale down your IT asset requirements seamlessly under one single universal lease agreement. Packaged with services at no extra cost and flexible financing, Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS provides the right solutions designed to ease IT asset lifecycle management, reduce costs and ease the load on your resources so that you can focus on growing your business.

Rentalworks Device-as-a-Service

Simplify how you equip your team with the tools they need to perform as you free up the resources to further grow the business

Cloud-based / On-Premise Secure Data Erasure

Rentalworks Premium Support

Sustainable Eco-friendly End-of-Life Management

Cloud-Based Asset Management

Versatile Leasing Agreement

Single Point of Contact
(Simplified Cases & Escalation Management)

Why lease laptops and not buy?

Cost Effective
Reasonable monthly rates
Boost Cashflow
Alleviate heavy upfront costs
Minimize Disruptions
Premium technical support
Sustainable practices

Stay Current
Keep assets up-to-date

Asset Management
Cloud-based tracking

Reduce total costs of ownership

No huge capital outlay needed empowering your team with the right devices for improved productivity, with ease

Maintain productivity with Rentalworks Temporary Device Replacement Program for faulty devices


Free up your IT resources from IT inventory management, repairs and updates with Rentalworks IT Asset Lifecycle Management services


Seamlessly scale your business with Rentalworks ‘Preloved’ DaaS. Its simplified universal lease agreement allows your business to adapt to the fast-changing business landscape

Accelerate your digital transformation with ease

Upfront promotion add on $20 for Lenovo 100 Stereo Headsets

iPad Rental Campaign

Affordable Short-Term iPad Rental & Flexible Leasing Plans

Empower your team with iPads from as low as RM60 a day for your short-term business needs

Rentalworks’ rental of pre-loved iPad 6th and 7th Generation Wifi + Cellular models empowers your team with the right device for your short-term needs from classrooms to convention centers. Choose from attractive daily to monthly rentals with services bundled in at no extra charges throughout the rental period.

From now till June 30th, 2023 FREE logistics and set-up arrangements

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Get in touch today!

Empower your team for your short term needs from as low as RM60 a day